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3/8' 1x7 hot dipped galvanized steel wire as per ASTM A 475 EHS

  • Standard:ASTM A475,ASTM B 498,BS183,BS 50189,JIS G 3537,IEC 60888,
  • Structure:1x7
  • Wire guage:3.05mm

Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel wire strand

Standard:ASTM B498,ASTM A475,ASTM A363,BS EN 50189, BS EN 183, IEC 60888
Zinc Coating:150-400g/m2 ASTM class A. class B.
Tensile Strength:900-1720 mpa.
Intensity Level:General,High,Very High.
Min.No. of 360° twists:10~16.

Application: greenhouse, netting , power &telecommunication cable, guy wire, stay wire

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