Square Steel Tubing Exported to USA

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Square steel tubing is one of the hot sale products from WAN Steel. This square steel tubing is a kind of hollow section steel pipe, with the manufacturing technical of cold bending processing molding and high-frequency welding. It takes Q235 hot or cold rolled strip as the base material. Square metal tubing has good comprehensive mechanical properties, including perfect weldability, cold & hot process ability, corrosion resistance, and good low temperature toughness.

Square steel tubing is widely used as structural square metal tubing, decorative square tubing, construction square steel pipe, mechanical steel tubing and so on.

On May, the year 2018, we received an inquiry on size 50 mm Mill square metal tube with 2 mm thickness about 50tons from USA customer.

After conversation through emails, we got known that the customer would use the square steel pipe for producing fitness equipment, and they would punch holes along the square metal tubing, weld flat steel at one end, paint and then engrave numbers from one end to the other end. So the tube must have good strength, property and smooth surface.

square steel pipe 50x50x2.0mm export to USA
retangular square steel pipe 50x50x2.0mm export to USA
Square steel tubing 50x50x2.0mm export to USA

Specifications of square steel tubing for USA customer

  • Size: 50x50x2.0mm
  • Quantity: 50 Tons
  • Length: 6m/pcs
  • Package per bundle: 64pcs/bundle
  • Weight/unit: 17.6kg/pcs(Theoretical weight)
  • Surface:Smooth, without any rusty.

On 8th July 2018, the customer committed his local friend to visit our factory, production line and warehouse, then we talked and confirmed the details of the order. After customer got feedback from his friend, he was very satisfied with our company and products , and placed 50 tons square metal tubing as trial order immediately.

Until now this Customer repeated orders every two months. He told us that WAN Steel is the best supplier he has cooperated with good price and excellent quality. Even though the square steel pipe he bought before was lower price than ours, however when they punch holes on the tubes, the tubes crack and deformed, which caused him a great loss. While square steel tubing from WAN Steel has perfect mechanical properties, perfect weldability, smooth and good looking surface and good toughness, no cracks, no deformed, he was very satisfied with our square steel pipe and our best after-sale service. Now we have build long-term business relationship, and become good friends.

Here attached our stock regular sizes of square metal tubing:

WT mm OD mm WT mm OD mm WT mm OD mm WT mm
0.5-2.0 28×28 0.5-3.0 75×75 1.0-5.0 160×160 2.5-12
0.5-2.0 30×30 0.5-3.25 80×80 1.0-5.0 180×180 2.5-12
0.5-2.0 35×35 0.5-3.5 90×90 1.0-6.0 200×200 2.5-12
0.5-2.0 40×40 0.8-3.75 100×100 1.0-6.0 300×300 2.5-12
0.5-3.0 50×50 0.8-3.75 120×120 2.5-12 400×400 2.5-12
0.5-3.0 60×60 1.0-4.0 140×140 2.5-12 500×500 2.5-12
0.5-3.0 70×70 1.0-5.0 150×150 2.5-12 600×600 2.5-12

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