Intermediate frequency furnace of Dainan will be closed

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     "Chinese stainless steel products name town" DaiNan gathered more than 1000 stainless steel products enterprises,play a larger role in the development of local economy. However, the environmental pollution problem "with the work" also causes the environment "short board" increasingly prominent.On April 24, the provincial environmental protection agency renewed the ban on dai nan for six months.

     Recently, dainan related leaders announced to the whole town all intermediate frequency furnace owner, dainan of intermediate frequency furnace will be closed by 12 o 'clock in the morning on May 24, and reports that, according to the instructions of the spirit of the relevant departments, the taizhou as is within the scope of the intermediate frequency furnace shut down!

     The ministry of industry and information technology (miit) said it would stop "substandard steel" from returning to the ground.

      The stainless steel crude steel of the medium frequency furnace in the southern region of dainan is about 100,000 tons, accounting for 5% of the total steel output of stainless steel in China.

      Obviously , this will influence the stainless steel products prices rise much soon.



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