Wireless Endoscope 5.0MP HD WiFi Borescope Semi-Rigid Cable IP67 Waterproof

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    [High resolution HD 5.0MP Endoscope]: With 5 Megapixels (3 adjustable resolutions 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080, 2560 x 1920 to choose) and the 30fps premium camera chip, the borescope camera inspect the hard-to-reach places clearly and moves more fast, which is great for viewing and capturing clear and smooth inspection photos and videos.

    [Adjustable 8 LED lights and Larger Focal Range]: Built in 8 LEDs illuminate the darkness and reduce the overexposure, greatly improve the image brightness and clarity. Superb 8.0mm diameter borescope camera makes it easily to reach narrow space. Focal distance enlarges from 1.5 inch to 16 inch help you view larger range and capture pictures and videos sharply even in the dark or low-light condition.

    [IP67 Waterproof & Semi-Rigid Cable]: 16.5Ft benable semi-rigid cable access a wide variety of confined places and IP67 waterproof feature make it can be widely used for inspecting in low-light or dark, damp or wet area, such as pipeline, sewer, water tank, tubes wall crevice, hole, etc.

    [Wide Compatibility, WiFi Connection]: Featured with WiFi signal broadcasting box, the snake camera can connect with your Android smartphone (above 4.1), IOS iPhone (above 7.0), tablet via its own WiFi without using extra adapter or cable. You could download the “HOWiFi" APP on your phone, then connect the borescope to your device via WiFi.

    [Useful Attachments]: Come with mirror, magnet and small hook that will be helpful to shoot trouble during inspection. Mirror will be a good tool for viewing; Magnet can pick up small metallic objects; Hook can get objects more easily in hard-to-reach places.
    Question: Can I use the borescope to record videos?
    Answer: Yes. The borescope is able to take photos and record viedos.

    Question: What is the diameter of the camera. How small of a hole can the camera go into?
    Answer: The diameter of the camera head is 0.32 in, so it will fit into a under 8mm hole.

    Question: Would this work to inspect a drain pipe?

    Answer: Yes, I used it to inspect my shower drain. The cable semi-rigid and it shoves through the pipe. Also you could see anything clearly with the camera.

    Question: If the wifi signal is weak, will it still work? can you connect through the usb cable?
    Answer: The WiFi endoscopre work via its own WiFi without using extra adapter or cable.