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Stainless Steel Capillary Pipe

  • Material Grade::201,202,XM-19,301,302,303,304,304L/H/Cu,309S,310S,314,316,316L/Ti,317,321,321H,330,347,348,409,410,416,420,430,430F,431,440,2205,2507,S31803,2209,630,631,15-5PH,17-4PH,17-7PH,904L,F51,F55,253MA etc.
  • Out diameter::0.011 to 0.394 inches(0.28-10mm)
  • Wall Thickness::0.003 to 0.04 inches (0.08-1mm)
  • Packing::Our products are packed according to the regulations and customer’s requests

Specifications of Stainless Steel Capillary Pipe:

* Material Grade:
201,202,XM-19 etc;
301,302,303,304,304L/H/Cu,309S,310S,314,316,316L/Ti,317,321,321H,330,347,348 etc.;
409,410,416,420,430,430F,431,440 etc;
2205,2507,S31803,2209,630,631,15-5PH,17-4PH,17-7PH,904L,F51,F55,253MA etc.
* Out diameter: 0.011 to 0.394 inches(0.28-10mm)* Wall Thickness: 0.003 to 0.04 inches (0.08-1mm)
* Standard length: 6meters or 12meters
* Packing: Our products are packed according to the regulations and customer’s requests;

we would take great care to avoid any damage during storage or transportation. Furthermore, products packages also are tagged clear on the outside for easy



stainless steel seamless pipe tube


304 Stainless seamless pipe tube


ASTM A554, A249, A269 and A270

Outer Diameter



0.08mm – 1.0mm


6m or as customers’ request


a) Outer Diameter: +/- 0.02mm

b) Thickness: +/- 0.02mm

c) Length: +/- 5mm


180G, 240G, 320G Satin / Hairline
400G, 600G Mirror finish


handrail,railing, staircase, weldmesh screen,door,window, balcony,fence,bench,furniture,etc


Squash test, extended test, water pressure test, crystal rot test, heat treatment, NDT


 Applications of Stainless Steel Capillary Pipe: 
Main application: Petroleum & gas industry, construction, brewage, chemical, electronic, pharmacy and biology, power industry, exchange pipe for boiler / spinning and weaving industry, foodstuff and etc.
1) Boiler, heaters, chemical boiler, condensers, catalytic tube, These tubes normally work at a party by high-temperature and high pressure, high temperature gas pipe in water vapor and the effects of oxidation and corrosion will occur and therefore require a high level of durable steel pipe strength, high antioxidant properties and have a good organization Stability,
2) Structure seamless stainless steel: the main structure for the general usage in hotels, restaurants decoration and the chemical industry, machinery used in the structure of the resistance of the atmosphere, acid corrosion and has a strength of the steel pipe.
3) For fluid used stainless steel seamless steel tubes is used for delivery of corrosive liquids.
Air pressure. Hydraulic test pressure on the pipe, it is tested at 2.45 MPa with water pressure and 0.5 MPa with air pressure test.

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