Wansteel Group Bless On the Mountain Tai During the New Year

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On Jan 28th, 2019, Wansteel Group all staff climbed to the top of Montain Tai by cable car and blessed in the Bixia Temple for the new year 2019.

Mountain Tai

Our city, Taian is well known for Mountain Tai. The name of Mountain Tai first appeared in “The Book of Songs. “Tai” means huge and peaceful, respresenting with Chinese hope for peace and prosperity. Mountain Tai is top rising 1545m above sea level, has a profound culture.It is known as the “First of the five sacred mountain”since ancient times. For several thousand years it had become the holly mountain which emperors of the past dynasties worshped. 

  Bixia Temple is the most perfect building in Mountain Tai. It’s the temple of Mountain Tai goddess Bi Xia yuan jun which has constructed in Song dynasty,it complex well arragned, splendid looks like a palace in heaven. In legend, Bi xia yuan jun is a fairy lady. Her status in Taoist is very high. She will give luck and happiness when people pray in front of her.


 On the festival of 23rd of December the lunar yearthe senior executive Mr. Sun and his wife bring us to experience the richful culture of Mountain Tai and to bless everything goes well. In 2019, we will do our best to supply professional and best service to our customer!



2018, Goodbye! 2019, Fight again! 



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