The choice of steel wire rope/cable

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The choice of steel wire rope/cable should be considered according to different applications.To use the steel wire rope/cable economically and safely, WAN STEEL recommend to select the steel wire rope/ cable correctly from the following aspects.

1.The breaking force of steel wire rope/cable.  

In the condition of a certain wire rope diameter and tensile strength, the wire rope with high metal density coefficient should be selected. (ie, the ratio of the wire cross-sectional area to the rope load area) .In general, the order of the density coefficient of the wire rope is that the Facial contacted steel wire ropes is larger than the linear contact steel wire rope, and the linear contact  rope is greater than the point contact steel wire rope.

2.Fatigue resistance.

Under normal circumstances, the  Facial contacted lay steel wire ropes is better than the linear contact steel wire rope,  and the linear contact rope is better than the point contact steel wire rope; the pretensioned rope is better than the non-pretensioned rope; At the same structure ,the same direction is better than the cross tension; The fiber core steel cable is better than metal core steel cable.

3.Abrasion resistance.

The greater the contact surface between the steel wire rope and the pulley or reel, the smaller the contact stress, the better the wear resistance. Therefore, the order of the wear resistance is the sealing rope, the special-shaped yarn rope, the multi-strand rope, and the round yarn rope. . For external wear resistance, the outer wire diameter is more favorable; for internal wear resistance, wire contact and surface contact are superior to point contact.


With the same rope diameter, the more wire numbers, The greater the flexibility factor (the ratio of wire rope diameter to the diameter of the thickest wire in the rope), the better the softness

5.Corrosion resistance.

Most steel wire ropes are used in atmospheric environments and even acidic or alkaline corrosive media. Practice has proved that choosing galvanized, zinc aluminum alloy, anti-rust oil painted, reducing the moisture content of the core, nylon coated, plastic and other anti-corrosion measures , the corrosion resistance will be exponentially improved. Wire rope service life will be longer.


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