Cold drawn seamless steel tube production process

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Round steel(圆钢)--Raw Mterial inspection(原材料检验)--Hot piercing(热穿孔)--Waste pipe inspection(荒管检验)--Pickling and lubrication(酸洗润滑)--Precision cold drawing(精密冷拔) --Cut off(切断)--Annealing treatment(退火处理) --Straightening (矫直)--Surface treatment(表面处理 润滑)--Precision cold rolling(精密冷轧)Process dimention inspection (过程尺寸检验)--Inside and outside surface cleaning(内外表面清洗)--Anaerobic bright Annealing(无氧光亮退火) --Mechanical testing(力学检测)--Chemical Analysis(化学分析)--Straightening(矫直)--Scale cut off(定尺切断)--Finished product inspection(成品检验)--Eddy current flaw testing(涡流探伤)--Inside and outside surface Anti-rust treatment(内外表面防锈处理)--Package(包装)--Products storage(成品入库)--- Delivery to customer(发至用户) .

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