Stainless Steel Coil Tubing for Jacketed Condensing Coil Chiller Exported to USA

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WAN Steel Group is one of stainless steel capillary tube suppliers in China. The outer diameter of our stainless steel tube coil is from 0.5-20mm and thickness is from 0.1mm to 2mm. Custom design and fabrication are available. The stainless steel coil tube has the characteristics of high temperature resistant steam, impact corrosion resistance, ammonia corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, not easy to stain, anti-oxidation corrosion, long service life, reduced maintenance time, cost saving, etc. Stainless steel capillary tube is safe and reliable. Its wall is uniform, the wall thickness is only 50-70% of the copper pipe and the overall thermal conductivity is better than copper pipe. All of these make stainless steel coil tube to be an ideal heat exchange product for the old unit transformation and manufacturing of new equipment. So stainless steel coil tube heat exchanger can be used for fluids, like beverages, beer, milk, water systems, medical equipment, etc.

We received an inquiry dated on 23th May, 2018 from one USA customer who need stainless steel 304 counter flow wort chiller with 3/8” Male JIC Fittings. This product is made by stainless steel coil tubing as wort chiller. It contains inlet and outlet tubes. This stainless steel coil tube’s outer and inner surface must be bright, so it’s easy to clean. WAN Steel Group manufacture stainless steel coil tube with reduction of the wall technology to make the wall uniform and bright. Its welding line is smooth enough and you can’t see it by eyes.

We received customer’s drawing and we gave quotation to them.This customer paid the sample cost after receiving our quotation, then we started production. They received the sample dated on 29th June, 2018 and liked our products so much, however they would like to make a new drawing with small changes.The fittings are special and they sent new drawing to us. It cost some time to confirm the fittings with customer, and they paid the new sample dated on 11th August, 2018. After receiving second sample, they are very excited to start selling this product on their shop.

Stainless Steel Coil Tube for Jacketed Condensing Coil Chiller Exported to USA

  • Inner Tube OD:      3/8”
  • Outer Tube OD:      1/2”
  • Diameter:           10”
  • Coil Length:         25ft
  • Inner Tube Fitting:    3/8” Female Compression
  • Outer Tube Fitting:    1/2” FNPT
  • Inner Tube Wall:      1/32”
  • Outer Tube Wall:      3/64”
  • Quantity:            100 sets
  • Delivery time:        45 working days after receiving payment
stainless steel coil tubing heat exchanger
stainless steel cooling coils
Stainless Steel Coil Tube for Jacketed Condensing Coil Wort Chiller Exported to USA

When this customer received mass production on February 2019, he gave high evaluate to ours stainless steel cooling coil and they are selling them on their shop now. They said they will build long term cooperation relationship with Wan Steel Group.

Wan Steel Group can supply various kinds of stainless steel coil tubing to customers. If you want to order, please send your drawing and requests to us, we will customize for you.

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